Behind The Brand

Representing the suburbs, the urban and everything in-between the city streets of Los Angeles, Acme originally rooted in the San Fernando Valley. This brand's distinct and innovative estilo embraced the skateboarding, graffiti art, breakdance, and sporty athleisure from the 90's creating a sui generis genre. The character of the brand expresses itself by projecting a positive double entendre message within its designs. Acme Clothing is more than wearing fresh, fitted gear; it is also a style of living with a positive mental attitude and optimism towards life. We want every individual in the world who is "striving to be their best" in any profession, hobby or business to relate. Acmé is defined as the point at which someone or something is at its best, perfect or most successful. We stand by these standards, and incorporate them into the brand to provide enthusiasm, inspiration and faith to achieve your goals while serving quality products to our customers.